About Us

At the BC Back Clinic we treat a wide spectrum of injuries using a variety of different treatment types and the best technology around. We focus on providing unparalleled care at competitive rates!

Quick Facts

  • Therapies are accepted by major health plans
  • We direct bill ICBC and Worksafe
  • We are conveniently located on Highway 10 providing easy access to Cloverdale, White Rock, Langley, Guildford, Coquitlam, Detlta, and Vancouver
  • We focus on diagnosis and treatment planning using our advanced technology and different modalities of care

Your Health is Our Priority

Here at BC Back Clinic, your health matters. We are highly trained practitioners who are dedicated to bringing your health and wellness to optimum levels. We have extensive experience in chiropractic, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and spinal care. Our clinic is supplied with truly unique equipment to help you restore your strength. With our professional therapists and friendly service, we do everything we can to help you live a more fulfilling and pain-free life. Learn more about our services by calling (778)-574-4999.

BC Back Clinic takes pride in our:

  • Dedication to Patients
  • Holistic Approach to Healthcare
  • Variety of Practitioners
  • Customized Treatment Plans

We do more than alleviate your body of pain. Our team also educates you on your body and provides you professional advice to reduce the risk of pain and illness. As passionate practitioners, we care about your health. Let us help you.

A Holistic Approach

BC Back Clinic incorporates practitioners from all across the wellness spectrum to provide the most comprehensive healthcare treatment. By taking a holistic approach to your injury, we can uncover the root of the problem and treat pain at the source. We consider many factors unique to each patient’s lifestyle when designing an efficient program customized for you.

Contact Us

BC Back Clinic
Surrey Chiropractic & Spinal Care
Located at Unit 102 – 15150 No. 10 Highway
Surrey, BC V3S 1B8 View Map
Phone: (778)-574-4999
Fax: (778) 574-4909

Top 10 Chiropractic Clinics in Surrey, BC 2015

Congratulations to BC Back Clinic on being the on top Chiropractor in Surrey ranking of 2015.


Phone: (778)-574-4999

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